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Industries —— 01
Hospital, school, scientific research laboratory project design, renovation, procurement project contract EPC one-stop service provider
Specializing in laboratory decoration, purification decoration, ventilation system decoration, operating room, ICU- ——

Center oxygen supply, PCR laboratory, HIV laboratory, constant temperature and humidity laboratory, food and drug supervision system laboratory

Physical and chemical laboratory, P2 laboratory, food laboratory, cell culture laboratory, microbiology laboratory

Disease Control Laboratory, DNA Laboratory, Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Laboratory, Animal Laboratory, Physical and Chemical Laboratory

Conceptn —— 02
Personalized design, new design concept
TIntroduction of national, European standards system
Customized —— 03
Can meet various standard laboratory construction needs
tailored exclusive fashion office furniture ——

A unique professional laboratory designer to provide a one-stop-shop laboratory room planning solution

In order to meet user's office habits, laboratory furniture can be customized in color, size, and style.

A practical laboratory decoration style for customizing functions between different laboratory functions, depending on the characteristics of the function

Purification —— 04
Laboratory Purification Level
A hundred, a thousand, a thousand, a hundred thousandy ——

Operating room(100, 1000), ICU room and center oxygen supply, microbiology room(10,000)

PCR room(100,000), pharmaceutical factory(300,000) cleaning workshop

Gas gas waste water, waste gas treatment, radiation protection, etc..

Direct —— 05
Laboratory Factory Direct Selling
Less middleman, more punctual delivery.——

Excerpt from original German and Italian imported equipment with high production efficiency and guaranteed delivery time

Product modularization, inventory, logistics and transportation team, fast delivery

Factory Direct Sales, the cost of the same product project will save you more than 30 % of the cost

Service —— 06
1-2 years QA, free maintenance for lifee
Client satisfaction 99 per cent——

One to one professional after-sales team, regular after-sales visit, let you no worries

Easy to disassemble and handle, complete supporting facilities, some value-added services

Free on-site measurements, free design, 1-2 years warranty, free maintenance for life


Initial communication

Initial communication

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Training area design Training area design Training area design Training area design
The whole office space Provide office furniture is not only ━━━━
Hefei has dragon furniture co., LTD

My company to introduce internationally advanced technology and equipment, such as: (American HY can (head), DOW (DOW), South Korea CSM (Korea) membrane technology and products of the company, such as the United States Fleck (rich lake), Autotrol (arturo progenitor) control valves and other products will be foreign adva...


Senior design teamFor you to create the most fashionable office furniture



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